Sky Atlantic use Instagram to promote new Westworld series

By on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

If you haven’t heard about Westworld then you’ve probably been in hiding the past few weeks, but because I’m nice I’ll give you the ‘low down’. Westworld is the newest Sky Atlantic TV drama series, where paying customers can experience the Wild West and various narratives with robotic humans, which will naturally test your moral compass.

To promote the new series (which is actually a remake) Sky Atlantic has created an Instagram account that lets users find out whether they belong in Westworld by clicking on an image that answers a simple question, like ‘which hat? The black or the white?’. Your answer will then redirect you to another account and question and so on until you find out whether you would survive Westworld.

This campaign reminded me of the Matrix question, ‘blue or red pill?’ and is some clever bit of social media PR that I’m sure will get viewers and potential views engaged in the series.


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