Rich Brazilian buries Bentley to save lives

By on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One of the richest and most powerful men in Brazil, Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, caused a stir when he announced plans to bury his million-dollar Bentley so he could drive around the afterlife in style. At first the plan seemed incredibly narcissistic, why would he not donate the million-dollar  car to charity?

However, moments before the car was lowered in to the ground  Mr Chiquinho Scarpa revealed his genuine motive: To create awareness for organ donation.

“People condemn me because I wanted to bury a million dollar Bentley, in fact most people bury something a lot more valuable than my car. They bury hearts, livers, lungs, eyes, kidneys, this is absurd. So many people waiting for a transplant and you will bury your healthy organs that will save so many lives.”

The stunt came into place to kick off Brazil’s national organ donation week. A very heart warming stunt which no doubt will get people talking about the importance of organ donation.

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