John Smith’s opens up gold pub to launch new Golden Ale

By on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alcoholic drink giant, John Smith, has opened up an all gold pop-up pub in Mayfair yesterday (27th April) to launch its new Golden Ale.

To top it off, Robbie Savage (the welsh football star, if you didn’t know) sported a very bronzed look when he served customers at the pub’s launch on the 25th April.

 The pop-up pub included all of the traditional elements of a British pub, such as tables, chairs and a dartboard – all of which have been sprayed gold – with the added pizzazz of a beauty parlour for men (why I hear you ask?! Read on…)

Members of the public were invited to visit the pop-up between 6-9pm to sample the brand’s first new beer in 22 years, however entry will only be permitted if they agree to a golden spray tan, professionally applied by a bartender.

The pop-up is part of the brands broader Golden Ale For The Modern Male advertising campaign (the parlour makes sense now because all modern men love to be pampered).

Savage said: “While I might have been cruelly overlooked for the Ballon d’Or in my playing days, being covered head-to-toe in gold paint for the day more than makes up for it. I’ve always had my golden locks, and today I’ve got an all-over Midas complexion to match. It’s the ultimate look for the modern male, and all thanks to John Smith’s Golden Ale.”

(sourced from Event magazine)

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