Durex send ‘lube bouquets’ to journalists in fun Valentine’s Day stunt

By on Friday, February 12, 2016

Durex – one of those brands every PR would like to work with because they seem a) like a laugh and b) there’s so much fun to be had – has been sending journalists ‘lube bouquets’.

Yep, instead of flowers, journalists are being sent bottles of lubricant wrapped up in foil because BANTS.

The Huffington Post’s Natasha Hinde tweeted this:

Lucy Johnston, a producer at This Morning, also Instagrammed this yesterday:

A bouquet of lube. How romantic @durex

A photo posted by Lucy Johnston (@luceerascal) on

We’ve previously written about a press release sent loaded onto chocolate USB sticks to promote the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage show and cake explaining financial terms sent by HSBC.

A fun way for an established brand to tag itself onto Valentine’s Day without coming across as too desperate. Good job, Durex.

If you received a lube bouquet, feel free to tweet us @PRexamples with a photo, it’d be good to include a few more.

Involved agency: Virgo Health

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