Renault creates car that tracks ‘real views’ from members of the public

By on Friday, February 12, 2016

To promote its new Megane range, Renault fitted a car with cameras and facial recognition technology.

A scoreboard on the car’s rear window displayed an accurate count of how many people were looking at the car on the street. Here’s the campaign video (including the words ‘brilliant geek’ to explain the role of one of the people involved… If we could stop with this whole ‘geek’ thing for anybody interested in anything ever that’d be great THANKS).

A simple campaign that subtly mocks the bought YouTube views I’ve seen car manufacturers point to as proof of interest.

There’s also a competition running, asking people to guess how many ‘real views’ the car will collect, offering 2 VIP tickets to the Belgian Grand Prix as prizes.

Involved agency: Publicis

Source: CGM

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