Secret sweet stunt brings audience to tears

By on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For years we have all been suffering through the same repetitive adverts at Cinema’s, but for some moviegoers in Warsaw, they got experience altogether different from what they were expecting and dare we say it ‘heart-wrenching’.

It started when they each found a ‘secret’ sweet on their seat, with a card that said “Eat me. No one will find out. It’ll be our secret”. Which of course they did, only for the commercial to start minutes later and the truth behind the sweets to be laid bare.

The advert starts timidly enough, with a young girl hesitating yet reaching for an identical sweet to those that the audience were given and then hiding it within one of her toys. Only for the viewers to discover that the sweet had been left there by the man that had sexually abused her.

The stunt from the Nobody’s Children Foundation shows just how to use an audiences preconceptions and unlike the ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign creates a distressing level of emotion from the audience. It isn’t surprising that those in the cinema cried, because to each of them this wasn’t a mere stunt or advert, this was a story behind the ordeals that some have to suffer everyday.

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