recruit Nigel Farage… sort of

By on Thursday, May 22, 2014 asks if you love Europe as much as Nigel Farage

On the day of the European elections, holidays website have put together a last-minute video campaign in which Nigel Farage advertises holidays in Europe. Except of course he doesn’t. The video is a simple collection of clips of various of the UKIP leader’s public comments edited together to make a list of reasons to enjoy various European countries.

It’s a  simple, funny, low-cost bit of marketing that’s bound to go viral as it taps into the prevailing mood on social media – that Nigel Farage is figure of fun. It won’t appeal to those who intend to vote for UKIP but judging by the sentiment on Twitter most of them won’t see it and they’re almost certainly not from lastminute’s key young professionals demographic.

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