Streetstylers Hit Carnaby Street

By on Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pupils from local London-based school, King Solomon Academy, and football freestylers, Ash Randall and Steven Gray, invaded Carnaby Street as a football flash mob. The sport-loving gang joined the London foot traffic showing off their ball skills in aid of One World Futbol Project.

One World Futbol Project have created the first nearly indestructible football that never needs a pump or never goes flat. The ball was designed in order for all children to play the beautiful game on all types of terrain. This ball has faced being run over by a steamroller and being dribbled around a lion’s pen!


Purchase a ball here and also know that one goes to a children’s charity of your choice: or tweet @oneworldfutbol


P.S. Recognise the voice on the soundtrack? Sting invested in the initial prototype and due to his involvement, the ball was named after ‘One World (not three)’ by The Police.Streetstylers Hit Carnaby Street

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