Knife-wielding Chucky terrifies public in bus stop ad prank

By on Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remember Child’s Play? Chucky?

Well, before it got all slapstick and gave us the actual horror-show that was watching two plastic child-like dolls doing it – I’m looking at you, Bride of Chucky – it wasn’t too bad. I say ‘wasn’t too bad’, my wife still can’t look at Chucky for all the nightmares he gave her as a kid and she didn’t even watch the whole film (the wuss).

In a secret-camera, laugh-track laden video for Brazilian TV network SBT that would institutionalise my wife as a viewer, let alone as a victim, Chucky is back to promote the new straight-to-DVD ‘Curse of Chucky’ film and he seems to have picked up on the trend of prankvertising, recently parodied by john st (who, fair play to them, will likely be mentioned in every piece about the trend now they’ve shone a satirical light on it).

curse of chucky prank

Members of the public waiting at a bus stop (where else?) were given the fright of their lives as a three foot tall, knife-wielding Chucky-lookalike crashed through an ad for the film, running after any and all – including children:

Far from being original though, the stunt appears to have been done before, albeit in a slightly less professional manner by Colombian TV network Caracol (source):

Source: Chris Owen (on AdWeek)

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