Brats force fed disgusting sweets

By on Monday, November 18, 2013

This trending YouTube video released a few weeks back for Halloween is brilliant.


For company P&G – renowned for being on the slightly staid side of marketing, often afraid to do risky/controversial content with it’s global FMCG brands – this content is a refreshing breath of fresh air for it’s toothpaste brand Crest.

They have a gaggle of child actors (who obviously didn’t get the call back for Disney’s next movie, and this is their last ditch attempt at stardom) and humiliated them in ridiculous Halloween costumes. The highlight has to be the kid dressed as the Red Indian in the comical sized headdress. They then make them eat disgusting healthy flavoured sweets – like artichoke buttercups and tofu ghost mellows. Their reactions to news that this confectionery is to replace that which is already on the market are genius.

Shot in the style of “candy camera” (wokka, wokka) this focus group has got to be one of the best!


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