“Baby George doll not based on royal”, says toymaker in clever stunt

By on Thursday, November 7, 2013

In what could be the best example of a “counter-PR” story I’ve ever seen, a toy maker is grabbing headlines by producing a life-size doll, which is male, named George, dressed in a Union Jack romper suit – but which apparently has nothing to do with the newest royal arrival.

Royal baby fever was obvs the biggest PR cash cow of 2013, but I’m still trying to work out if it’s a stroke of genius or genuine polite bafflement which has led to toy maker Zapf Creation to deny any connotations with the future Prince George.

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Strict rules prevent manufacturers cashing in on the Royal Family, to which a Zapf spokesman says: ‘This isn’t specifically “Royal Baby George” doll, rather an addition to the Baby Annabell Brother range, named George. This is a reflection of George no doubt becoming a popular boy’s name.”

Well played Zapf, you nearly had us convinced. If you’re interested, the (non-royal) Baby George doll is available for £47.99.

This has been picked up by Mail Online, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Metro.

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