Meet the pint glass that will explode ink if you try to steal it

By on Monday, July 15, 2013

Apparently the pint glasses from Koppaberg are so pretty the Swedish cider brand is taking action to prevent punters from stealing them.

Koppaberg has created a  ‘security tag’ which fits around the iconic vase-shaped glass and which ‘explodes’ ink upon the person that moves the glass 100m from the bar.

Koppaberg pint glass 3

       Picture credit: London Evening Standard

The tongue-in-cheek stunt follows a recent study which showed that over 90% of bar-going folk have stolen or considered pinching a piece of glassware from a drinking establishment to commemorate a night out.

This a bit of a weird one, because it’s great for the brand that the customers adore their glasses, but it’s a bit dangerous to jokily express that they’re fed up with customers stealing them, to the point that they’re taking offensive action.

Obviously it’s not serious, but some drinkers have taken to Twitter to complain, with one stating: “What a joke of an idea, who would want to drink out of tagged glass?”  The tagged glasses are currently only in operation in Shoreditch bar Jaguar Shoes.

Koppaberg pint glass 1

Rob Calder, of Kopparberg, said: “Obviously it’s nice to see customers cherishing the new Kopparberg glass so much, but we’re struggling to meet demand from bars that need to replace their glassware because of so many getting nicked.”

The jury’s still out on this one. The stunt has thus far seen coverage in the London Evening Standard.

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