Classic Campaign: Polo Snow Stamp – a cool blast from the past

By on Tuesday, June 4, 2013

With the wonderfully hot sunny weather London is experiencing this week, it’s time for a cool blast from the past to take the heat off!

December 2009 saw one of my favourite low-cost, very effective little PR stunts for Nestle client’s brand Polo, devised by marketing communications giant JWT. The Polo Snow Stamp.

Polo Mints Snow Stamp

Polo Mints Snow Stamp

In December 2009 the entire UK was covered in a fresh, white blanket of snow. This gave Polo the idea to use the fresh, white snow as a blank canvas. They produced a tactical ambient idea for the brand – a ‘Polo snow stamp’. When stamped in thick, fresh snow it left a near perfect replica of the iconic Polo mint.

The purpose of this idea was to create a buzz around an old, iconic brand and to freshen up the perception of Polo mints. The communication reinforced the ‘fresh’ association with the brand and provoked an online reaction, with many passers-by photographing the snow Polo’s and circulating them on blogs and social media sites.

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