Hundreds of George Osbornes take to the street in PR stunt

By on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today hundreds of George Osbornes will be taking to the streets of London to play “Spot The George” as part of a stunt by Enough Food If.

George Osborne

The campaign is backed by 150 organisations and charities globally and aims to compel world leaders to take action to end world hunger.

The stunt will see hundreds of George Osborne-a-likes heading to Westminster to “remind the Chancellor that tomorrow’s Budget belongs to all of us” and to call on Osborne to “keep promises to the world’s poor.”

Enough Food If is also asking people to change their profile pic to one of their George Osborne-a-likes and to use the hash tag #SpotTheGeorge to spread the message on social media too.

Nice stunt, thanks to my eagle-eyed colleague Jo Phillips from WPR for spotting it!

Find out more info about the stunt on Enough Food If’s Facebook page.

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