MINI says sorry to customers for sending spam e-mails, by sending spam mail.

By on Saturday, February 9, 2013

An e-mail glitch can be a disaster, whether you forget to write the right name – or you BCC everyone into one e-mail because you’re lazy!

However, when MINI accidentally sent out a spam e-mail to its customers, instead of panicking and stating it was a server error and apologise the boring way, the car manufacturer turned the server glitch to a huge PR win.

We’d love to reconnect, if you’d like to link-up with us again, just visit

They sent out a care package to those affected containing what else than… SPAM!

The parcel, which was posted to Reddit, included a chocolate rose, duct tape, and a “squeezable can” of the precooked meat. It also came with this apology:

“Nothing says ‘I’m sorry’ quite like flowers and chocolate, so we’ve combined the two and enclosed a chocolate rose. But if you’re allergic to flowers (or chocolate), we hope this duct tape will help fix things up. Or, if you’re ever feeling annoyed again, you can de-stress using this particularly squeezable can of spam.”

Now THAT’S what I call great customer service!

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