A very modern CV…phildub.com goes viral

By on Friday, February 1, 2013

The ubiquitous challenge of finding employment is spawning a new breed of job hunter: one that takes ever more creative and audacious measures to stand out from the crowd.

Earlier this month recent graduate Adam Pacitti spent his last £500 on a billboard looking for a job – and got inundated with responses. This week a Parisian named Phil Dubost took centre stage with an online CV – this was no run of the mill webpage however, as it was formatted to look exactly like an Amazon page, featuring himself as the product.

Seeking employment as a Web Product Manager, Phil soon hit the headlines when phildub.com went viral, achieving coverage from England  Germany, America and beyond.

Nailing all the essentials you’d expect to find on a regular CV,  the page jumps to life with  the little quirks such as the message ‘Only 1 left in stock — Order soon.’, an original list price of $999,999 and ‘Reviews’ featuring references from former colleagues. ‘Add to cart’ takes you to a contact page for Phil, ‘Add to Wedding Registry’ takes you to a tongue-in-cheek message: ‘Not happening’.

The CV is clever for many reasons – not least because something so unique cannot be ignored, and by default of the attention he’s received, he will surely be snapped up. Capturing his humour, innovation and enterprising spirit, as well as his impressive credentials, by placing himself on a site that sells, he really is, well, selling himself.

A nice bit of cheap self-promotion that will almost certainly achieve its end goal, this one is a creative gem. Check out the site here.

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