Durex SOS Condoms

By on Friday, February 1, 2013

It’s pretty much sod’s law that you never have one when you need one and I for one say it’s about time this insight was made by someone who could help. It’s the 21st century god dammit, and if dinner can be delivered within an hour, so should a little bit of sexy time…or at least something that facilitates sexy time. Delivering sexy time is still perhaps a little taboo….and illegal, I think!?

Anywho, Durex have risen to the challenge and launched a genius mobile app that will deliver condoms to anywhere in Dubai during the hours of 4pm and 4am, saving couples from pre-coital catastrophe.

The official site claims that the condoms are delivered “discreetly” by people from the service in disguise. An accompanying video (below) featuring deliveries being made during encounters with fake pizza delivery men, tourists, and even a faux-policeman:

The service has proved so succesful that it is looking to expand to other cities and countries, with a Facebook campaign promising to bring the service to the city that provides the most ‘likes’.

Great work from Buzzman Middle East. Picked up a fair bit of coverage too.

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