London Dungeons host ‘carnage boot sale’ this Sunday

By on Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good work by London Dungeons, who have turned a mundane change of venue (in the vast underground vaults of County Hall on the Southbank this March) into a quirky PR hook.

The top tourist attraction is closing up today to relocate to a new venue this March and they’ve come up with the clever idea to hold a ‘carnage car boot sale’ where fans can get their hands on a bit of London Dungeons history.

Included in the items up for sale are an array of torture and surgical implements, severed limbs, false eyeballs and costumes!

The unusual and gory twist on the traditional car boot sale will take place this Sunday, February 3rd from 11.30am at the Pimlico car boot sale, providing a great photo opportunity. It’s a great way to keep the venue in people’s mind as they go through the move. Plus, why wouldn’t you want your very own severed limb?

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