Coca-Cola ATM gives away free money, asks people to use it to help others.

By on Thursday, February 28, 2013

This stunt by Coca-Cola happened a while back in Spain, December 2012.

The ATM—placed in different cities—had a simple message on its screen:

Get 100 euros (£66). Without card.

When people stopped and tapped Yes, the ATM took you through a few steps:

  • “But only if you agree to share it.” Of course, everyone tapped yes.
  • After that, the ATM asked if they needed any suggestions to share it. Many people tapped yes again.
  • The ATM gave several options, like “hire an storyteller for the kids in your neighbourhood” or “buy diapers to a pregnant woman.”
  • After that, the ATM gave the people an envelope with 100 euros in cash inside, asking them to share the experience, but with absolutely no obligation to actually share it.
  • People could just get the money and use it in any way they wanted.

However, things get better. That’s because the majority of people actually shared the money with others! In the video you can see some of the videos submitted, showing what they did. Diapers for women with kids, basketballs, tricycle, two theater tickets for an old couple, tortilla española to share with pedestrians in a cold night… and so on.

It’s a great way to bring happiness to people who didn’t expect or ask for it.

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