Bodyform treat disillusioned Facebook user with funny video response

By on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here’s an example of a brand using customer/public comments to generate content – similar to the Paddy Power ‘we hear you‘ campaign – sanitary product company Bodyform has rele

ased a simple yet well-scripted video.

It all started when Facebook user Richard Neill posted this on the Bodyform Facebook page. The post, which takes issue with Bodyform’s misleading advertising of ‘happy periods’, has received more than 80,000 likes and seemingly flicked a switch in the mind of a member of the company’s marketing team.

From the blue drink to the fact the video needed a fart consultant (hats off to you, Mike Koenig), it’s a winner.

Here’s the video, entitled ‘The Truth’.

(Note, I do feel there’s a good chance this could be a staged conversation/response. That said, it’s a bit of fun. I won’t lose sleep over it.)

Source: Vanessa Munnings

Involved agencies:

Carat – concept

Myriad PR – PR

Rubber Republic – script/filming

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