Cambridge students prove they have just as much fun at their elite university

By on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cambridge students made the news today, critisised for getting ‘hopelessly drunk‘ at their lavish Trinity Ball, which costs £430 per couple. As a student myself, I can vouch that the majority of students – and I might add, not only students, but lots of young people – will get ‘hopelessly drunk’ at least once, before growing up and becoming more mature and responsible. Aren’t we often told that we should enjoy being young and carefree at University?

The Daily Mail and The Sun featured many snaps of ‘offenders’, insinuating that they shouldn’t behave in such a manner as they are ‘the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow’. I’m sure if you’ve been in Leeds / Manchester / Newcastle or the like in the early hours of a morning you’ll be sure to have come across similar situations quite frequently.

I’m unsure why it is so much more shocking for future professionals of Cambridge to act irresponsibly, than the next generation of professionals from many other UK Universities, but the University received plenty of coverage for this event regardless.

Katie Lam, joint president of Trinity’s ball committee, said to Cambridge News, “It has been a success and we’re absolutely delighted with how it’s gone. Now we’ll be clearing up until Thursday at midday.” The 20-year-old classics student said it was a chance to unwind: “Everyone’s been up early looking awful, getting to the library for so long now, so they enjoyed dressing up and having a good time.”

When looking at options of where to study, for many the nightlife of the city is fairly important. Hoorah to Cambridge for showing their University can be fun as well as studious. – And making national news to prove it. 

Cambridge at least end the academic year with much more class than most, if not all, Universities. At this lavish affair the student’s were served oysters and champagne – a far cry from Jagerbombs or pints of Carlsberg.

Some students even finished the event with punt rides on River Cam – even if it did prove a little too much for one guy, who fell asleep on the seats.

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