VW foregoes the wide open roads…

By on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lovely little campaign to launch the Volkswagen Up – their new ‘small’ city car.  While many motorists pine for wide open roads, VW sought out some of the country’s smallest and thinnest streets – those that urban 4×4 drivers wake up in a cold sweat about…

Take a photographer and a 3,000 road trip and you get a lovely mini coffee book – designed to fit in the glove box – celebrating tight city streets and narrow, winding, country lanes.

All drivers need to do is put the GPS co-ordinates (which appear on each page) into the Maps and More system when they take the car for a test drive and then breathe in.

More of a DM campaign for fleet managers than anything else, but it goes to show the benefits of a little bit of creative thinking.


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