TippEx’s Hunter and Bear are back with another interactive Youtube video

By on Thursday, April 12, 2012

In 2010, TippEx created a Youtube video that took Burger King's interactive Subservient Chicken to a new level.

The premise was simple. A hunter had a change of heart while out camping and decided he didn't want to shoot an attacking bear. He TippExed out the word 'shoot', and asked you what he should do, encouraging you to fill in the blank: 'Hunter a bear'. Dependant on the verb you type in, a pre-filmed sketch played.

The opportunities were seemingly endless and even rude verbs had been thought of.

Watch it here, it's brilliant:

Well, two years on, TippEx has revisited the idea. This time, the hunter is celebrating the bear's birthday with him, when a meteor looks set to strike. You have to choose whether or not you end the party, after which you are asked to fill in the blank year in 'Hunter and bear's birthday party'. Depending on what you type in, you get a video associated with that decade, for instance, if you type in 1972, you get a Saturday Night Fever-esque dance video returned. Type in 1990 and you get a funny 'Saved by the Bear (Bell)' spin-off starring the duo.

According to Les Telecreateurs, one of the agencies behind the campaign, there are 46 interactive clips to be experienced.

tippex hunter and bear experience 2 new birthday party

Have a play with this new one here, it's delivered in much the same way, but funny to see what ideas have been thought up. Type in the year 1, and you get a funny skit where Mary and Joseph can't think of a name for their newborn, for instance:

Thanks to Marvin Godfrey for tweeting me with this one!



Les Telecreateurs


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