Google allows users to literally unzip it in unique doodle celebration

By on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As if being the most-visited website in the world wasn’t enough, today, search engine giant Google is attracting interest for yet another unique doodle. This time, to celebrate the birthday of Gideon Sundback – the Swedish-American inventor of the zip – there is a huge zip running down the middle of the homepage. (How the bods at Google come up with focuses for their doodles is beyond me).

Although Google’s Doodles gain world-wide media coverage without even seemingly trying, you have to commend the imagination and execution behind them, and as such, every time a new and fun doodle goes up, I think it should have a place on, as that’s exactly what they are; examples of a company understanding that it can’t get by without marketing, full stop.

Visit Google’s homepage today to have a look – here’s the image just in case you’re reading this after the event:

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