Ocado Fresh+ Promise campaign highlights Brits with FOGO (fear-of-going-off)

By on Thursday, June 20, 2024

According to online supermarket Ocado, FOMO is out, and FOGO is in. With the average British household binning between £240-480 worth of fresh food a year due to it going off quicker than they expect, ‘fear-of-going-off’ has hit the UK. That’s why, for their latest campaign, Ocado has teamed up with food influencer Alfie Steiner to inspire passers-by to get the most out of their fresh food, all from the back of a ‘farmer’s field on wheels’.

Ocado’s research has shown that a third of Brits regularly turn down plans to eat out with friends due to worries that the food in their fridge will go off. On top of this, 72% say food going off causes them to feel guilty, and 59% worry about their food going off on at least a weekly basis. Furthermore, 44% of us have even hidden expired food from a partner.

To mark the launch of the Ocado Fresh+ Promise, Ocado and Alfie Steiner have transformed an Ocado delivery van into a farmer’s field on wheels. In doing so, Ocado is promising that fresh food delivered by the online supermarket will come straight to your door, with no supermarket detour.

Alfie Steiner (@alfiecooks) said: “Nothing compares to fresh produce. And it’s not only about the great taste, it’s knowing you can rest easy and enjoy planning how to cook with it, because your food isn’t rapidly wilting away. FOGO is real, and according to Ocado’s research, many of us experience it. I want to help people fight the fear, so they can experience all the joy of super fresh produce, without the worry that they’re cooking against the clock.”

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