KFC insure Canadians fingers this Moving Day

By on Friday, June 28, 2024

KFC are proving their commitment to Finger Lickin’ safety, by insuring all Canadian fingers on the most popular day of the year to move house.

In Quebec, Canada, every year on July 1st, over 200,000 move house. Yes, you heard that right. In a tradition called Moving Day, thousands of Canadians pack their bags and move across the city. But, that can only mean one thing… From lifting boxes to carrying heavy objects, our fingers well and truly take a beating. Splinters, sprains, paper cuts and chipped finger nails – all potential casualties from moving house.

So, KFC decided to take matters into their own hands and are offering compensation to those who will inevitably injure their fingers on Moving Day with a free KFC.

On the dedicated website, Canadians can submit a finger injury claim, to be in with the chance of winning their iconic Finger Lickin’ chicken. And if you’d rather speak to someone in person, you can call the hotline number which is manned by KFC’s own Finger Injury Claims Department.

“When you think about it, fingers are actually at the heart of moving occasions, I mean, we’ve all been there – injuring our fingers while moving into a new home. So, when we were briefed on Moving Day, we thought, ‘Why not put injured fingers in the spotlight to have some fun and create a timely celebration of KFC’s iconic Finger Lickin’ Good tagline?’” 

Injured in a Moving Day accident? Think you might be entitled to Finger Lickin’ Injury Insurance? Submit your claim here!

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