IKEA brings the sunshine to Stockholm

By on Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Turns out summer in Sweden is extremely unpredictable, and can actually be rather chilly… So, IKEA have taken matters into their own hands and brought sun to Stockholm this summer!

The flatpack furniture brand installed a giant version of their NISSEDAL mirror, in a busy square in the Swedish capital, to reflect natural sunlight to a number of shaded outdoor seating areas.

The billboard was controlled by a GPS motor that automatically adjusted the mirrors angle according to the suns position in the sky. The mirror then reflected natural sunlight onto the shaded areas, maximising the available sun!

“We know how crowded outdoor seating areas can get when the sun comes out. At the same time, it’s a bit sad for us at IKEA to see outdoor furniture standing empty and alone in the shade. To give people more places to enjoy the sun and to ensure that more outdoor furniture is used, we created this initiative, which has been praised by both visitors and café owners” 

Although the campaign has gone live in Stockholm, the aim is to take the billboard on a tour of the country, keeping cafe-goers warm across the country!

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