Heinz release ‘Every Sauce’ – the ultimate super condiment.

By on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Heinz have decided to bring together 14 different sauces in a limited edition new product ‘Every Sauce’ – the ultimate super condiment.

The creation comes after new research that Brits ‘obsessed’ with condiments and use multiple blends.

The limited edition is a blend of…ready for this…. Heinz Burger Sauce, Heinz Garlic Sauce, Heinz Aioli Sauce, Heinz Smokey Baconnaise, Heinz Sweet Chilli, Heinz Chip Sauce, Heinz Saucy Sauce, Heinz Mayoracha, Heinz Mayomust, Heinz Truffle Mayo, Heinz Garlic & Caramelised Onion Mayo, Heinz Curry Ketchup, Heinz Pickle Ketchup and Heinz Smokey Bacon Ketchup.

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