Lime bikes installation highlights the lack of bike spaces in London

By on Thursday, May 30, 2024

Lime bikes have launched an amazing installation that creates the illusion of a lush green space and parked bikes in a busy London street – encouraging Brits to imagine a London with less parked cars and greener streets.

The brand worked with street artists 3D Joe and Max, to redesign an old Peugeot van, which does not comply with London’s ULEZ regulations, into a stunning piece of art that creates the illusion that it has entirely van-ished!

The campaign comes off the back of research that discovered 49% of Londoners aged 18-34 use a rental e-bike at least once a week, and a further 52% support the idea of creating more designated bike parking spaces to match the rising demand for green transport.

In fact, on average there are 200,000 Lime rides per month, but there are currently still not enough available spaces for parking.

For our partnership with Lime, we want to showcase just how much space in our capital is wasted. We reimagined the way our city streets could look in a way that is greener and more cycle-friendly by taking an old van, and used it as a creative canvas to inspire change for more sustainable travel.” 

If you fancy having a look at the amazing installation, it is on display in Camden between 29-30th May!

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