Spotify’s ‘Song Psychic’ is your new Fortune-Teller

By on Monday, March 4, 2024

Spotify has ventured into the cosmic realm with Song Psychic, offering answers to life’s burning questions through a blend of fortune-telling and melody. Whether you’re contemplating your future, unravelling mysteries or simply pondering daily decisions, Song Psychic allows music lovers worldwide to consult the (pop) stars whenever you’re in need of guidance or a good tune.

Users can ask questions to the Song Psychic, ranging from romantic dilemmas such as “Does my crush like me back?” to everyday predicaments like “What should I eat for dinner?”, then simply wait for the personalised soundtrack to reveal the answer to their query.

Spotify Song Psychic 3

Song Psychic is a blend between viral music trends like Spotify Wrapped and the new phenomena of psychic-inspired playlists. With nearly 250,000 of these curated compilations gracing the platform, including ethereal songs like Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” and Kali Uchis’s “telepatía,” Spotify recognises the universal yearning for connection between music and the cosmos.

The music streaming platform does warn listeners that “The spirits are unreliable. Don’t take them seriously”, with fans posting wild song choices by the tool –


To experience the musical oracle yourself, visit this page.

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