Vaseline paints a picture of skin healthcare equality

By on Monday, March 4, 2024

Vaseline has launched “Mended Murals”, an initiative restoring street art to spotlight the significance of skincare for people of colour and advocate for increased accessibility to skin health resources.


The multi-city project, conducted in collaboration with VML New York, involves commissioning original artists to revitalise weathered and damaged murals and “fix” the skin of their street art figures. The art restoration acts as a metaphor for Vaseline’s commitment to restoring neglected aspects of skin healthcare for communities of colour.

“Mended Murals” aims to address the ongoing marginalisation of skin health for people of colour due to systemic racism that leads to misdiagnosis and healthcare disparities for conditions like skin cancer.

QR codes are embedded in the revitalised murals to connect passers-by with, a platform launched by Vaseline in 2022 to provide patients and clinicians with the tools to visualise skin conditions in varying skin tones after recognising that a key issue with misdiagnosis is the fact that skin conditions are always modelled on white bodies.

Vaseline’s impact can already be seen in murals in Baltimore, Brooklyn and Harford and the company has also pledged a donation of $250,000 to health clinics in these cities.

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