Poetic Premiums: John Cooper Clarke joins Hiscox as ‘(Under)Writer in Residence’

By on Monday, March 25, 2024

Punk poet John Cooper Clarke, known as the ‘bard of Salford,’ has taken on an unexpected role as the ‘(Under)Writer in Residence’ for insurance company Hiscox, releasing a series of poems inspired by unusual insurance claims.

In his new position, Cooper Clarke composed five original poems based on remarkable claims handled by Hiscox, ranging from equipment stolen by baboons to a farmer’s claim for the loss of his prize bull’s semen.

The collaboration was launched in celebration of World Poetry Day and seeks to challenge the notion that insurance is mundane, whilst also highlighting the importance of being prepared for the unpredictability of small business challenges.

The campaign comes off the back of a survey commissioned by Hiscox that found that a significant portion of small businesses remain uninsured or underinsured, with many contemplating cuts to coverage amidst economic challenges. Hiscox’s campaign hopes to highlight the necessity of insurance since amongst small businesses that are insured, almost a quarter (23%) of owners have filed a claim for a circumstance they could never have predicted.

See one of Cooper Clarke’s verses below, and to see them all, visit http://www.hiscox.co.uk/JCC

The bull and the farmer
A farmer whose prize bull suddenly dies
Must say his goodbye to next year’s prize 
The best in the biz 
They were selling his fizz
Then everything went in the red
It’s spermatazoa 
Isn’t a goer 
Now the poor animal’s dead 
But the farmer’s earnings 
May yet be returning 
The insurance paid up instead.

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