Netflix Introduces “Tudunnies” in Australia

By on Friday, March 1, 2024

In a surprising and cheeky move, Netflix has unveiled a novel concept in Australia, dubbed “Tudunnies,” aimed at celebrating its fandom in an unconventional way.

The “Tudunny” mixes the streaming sites‘ familiar “tadum” intro sound with the Australian slang term for toilet, “dunny”.

This initiative comes on the heels of a revelation that 21% of Australian viewers admit to streaming Netflix content while visiting the bathroom.

Seizing on this unique viewing habit, Netflix decided to blend the comfort of binge-watching with the necessity of nature’s call.

The campaign brings a whole new meaning to streaming on the go.

This innovative concept has been materialized through the introduction of three distinct “Tudunnies,” each themed after iconic Netflix series: “Squid Game,” “Emily in Paris,” and “Heartbreak High.”

This move highlights Netflix’s commitment to connecting with its audience through innovative and sometimes unexpected means, reinforcing the idea that fandom knows no bounds – not even the bathroom door.

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