The People’s Friend reveals the wellbeing benefits of reading for just six minutes

By on Wednesday, February 21, 2024

New research by The People’s Friend magazine has revealed a strong yearning among Brits for more ‘me time’, sleep, and holidays. 

A staggering 78% have expressed the need for personal time, with 18% claiming only one hour per week for themselves. 

The barriers preventing people having ‘me time’ include household chores (52%), work (41%), and phone scrolling (27%). 

The magazine has partnered with Lucy Beresford, an expert in the mental wellbeing benefits of reading. The partnership helped to reveal that reading for just six minutes a day can help reduce stress levels by up to 68%*. This prompted The People’s Friend magazine to launch a six-minute daily reading initiative for mental well-being. 

Teaming up with celebrity Sally Lindsay, Head Judge of The People’s Friend New Writers Prize, she said: “Everyone knows how beneficial reading is, but people usually only find time for it now and again. With a short story, you can pick it up and finish it as quickly as you can a cup of tea and it brings a sense of satisfaction that you don’t get in many other places. The People’s Friend is something every writer knows, and as a writer myself, I love how it champions stories and creativity.” 

The magazine’s 155th anniversary coincides with its search to discover the country’s best hidden writing talent, with the opportunity to win a bursary of £10,000 to help them launch their writing career.  

The top 20 things that British adults say they don’t get enough of:          

  1. Money (61%)         
  2. Sleep (52%)          
  3. Holidays (51%)          
  4. ‘Me time’ (40%)        
  5. Time with family (39%)       
  6. Sunshine (36%)      
  7. Fun (34%)    
  8. Relaxation (33%)      
  9. Exercise (32%)        
  10. Laughter (32%)        
  11. Love (29%)         
  12. Time with friends (29%)    
  13. Good luck (28%)       
  14. Hugs (27%)        
  15. Fresh air (25%)      
  16. Free time (23%) 
  17. Romance (20%) 
  18. Hours in the day (19%) 
  19. Work-life balance (19%) 
  20. Time to read (19%) 

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