The British Heart Foundation ‘flatlines’ Twitch streams to promote urgent CPR training

By on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

On 16th February, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) temporarily ‘flatlined’ the Twitch streams of 16 popular gaming influencers to raise awareness of cardiac arrest.

The interruption reached a combined audience of 11 million people and featured a flatlining heart monitor followed by UK cardiac arrest statistics and redirection to the RevivR homepage – a tool teaching CPR.

In collaboration with the media agency PHD, the campaign is a response to the alarming statistics of over 30,000 annual cardiac arrests in the UK, with a survival rate below 10%. Since Gen Z are the age group most likely to learn life-saving CPR, the campaign was designed to specifically target and engage this audience who are the primary Twitch demographic.

The campaign is being supported throughout February with an interactive mobile quiz on the Twitch homepage and 20-second video ads promoting RevivR life-saving training.

The partnership echoes previous campaigns BHF has pioneered to raise awareness for cardiac arrest – including interrupting radio ads with the sound of a flatlining heart monitor back in 2022 – but extends this to a younger audience in a new media space for BHF.

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