Duolingo gets cheeky with merch inspired by Duo the Owl’s derrière

By on Monday, February 19, 2024

Duolingo, the language-learning app loved by millions, has made another bold and bootylicious move with their latest announcement – they have launched a line of merch celebrating their sassy owl Duo’s derrière.

Whilst Duo has long been the face of the brand, it’s his ample rear that’s been stealing the spotlight as of recent, even scoring a special appearance in a Superbowl commercial.

Capitalising on the unexpected fan favourite, the company has released a special range of merch inspired by the bird’s buttocks, including the iconic Duo Butt Briefs and cheeky Duo Butt Pin. Duolingo want to tap into their ‘big booty energy’ to engage learners because lets face it, they like big butts and they cannot lie.

A spokesperson from Duolingo said, “Duo the Owl isn’t above posting a thirst trap if that’s what it takes to get you to do your lessons. Every time you see his green rear, you’ll remember to do your Duolingo.”

Butt… that’s not where it ends. The creative minds at Duolingo even went as far as recording a signature fart sound, carefully selecting the perfect one to match Duo’s persona. You can have a listen here.

“There’s music to farts. They have an emotional range—from happy to defeated. We knew we had found the right sound when we hit on a fart with a smile,” says creative director Nicholas Forshee.

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