Merry Birthday! Coca Cola makes sure December babies aren’t forgotten this festive season

By on Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Many December babies will agree that their birthdays unfortunately can never, and will never, be able to compete with the  excitement and festivities that comes with Christmas. Everyone’s tired and birthday gifts start getting merged with Christmas presents, with over 34% having to cancel birthday parties due to last festive drop outs… Coca Cola wants to change that.


On the 22nd of December, with the help of AKQA, Coca Cola threw a birthday bash to rival the 25th of December itself – ending their 2023 ‘The World Needs More Santa’s’ Christmas creative platform with a BANG.

With over 600 residents of Cascais, Portugal, 15 cameras and a world wide live stream, it was going to be a tricky stunt to pull off. Luckily Olivia Houssiaux, the unassuming birthday girl, under the guise of a Christmas documentary, was completely unaware of her involvement in the stunt until the grand reveal – where she was surprised by her friends, family and loved ones.

Islam ElDessouky, global head of creative strategy and content for Coca-Cola, adds, “If your birthday falls during the holiday season, it might feel like the whole world has forgotten about it. Your friends are busy, your presents get mixed up with Christmas gifts under the tree, and your birthday cake might take on the sweet disguise of a yule log with candles. Amongst all the Christmas noise, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the unsung birthdays of the season. Our ‘Merry Birthday’ campaign is a fun playful activation that embodies the ethos of ‘The World Need More Santa’s’ with an act of generosity and kindness encouraging the spirit of Santa in all.”

Merry Birthday Olivia!

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