The perfect hangover cure? Burger King’s facial recognition will give you a ‘hangover discount’

By on Friday, December 22, 2023

The holiday season is one that’s well known for many things. Amongst them, hangovers. To combat this, Burger King Brazil have partnered with agency DM9 to create a facial recognition system that provides special discounts on Whoppers based on how hungover the user looks.

Upon taking a selfie, the facial recognition system will gauge your hangover level and recommend different combos and discounts, based on how you look. The more hungover you look, the bigger the discount.

Icaro Doria, co-president and CCO of DM0 says: “It is a privilege to have partners like Burger King, who use boldness, innovation and irreverence as essential ingredients and are willing to put brand actions like this into practice. In this case, the use of facial recognition technology combined with humor will generate another fun connection with consumers.”

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