McVitie’s solve quintessentially British problem with appointment of Chief Dunking Officer

By on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

We’re a nation of biscuit dunkers, however new research from McVitie’s has revealed that 6.1 million biscuits a week are lost due to poor dunking techniques.

To combat this, the biscuit brand has appointed scientist and biscuit aficionado Dr Helen Pilcher to the brand-new role of Chief Dunking Officer (CDO).

Her first task? To determine the ‘optimal dunking times’ of different biscuits.

The campaign was delivered by creative agency Taylor Herring.

McVitie’s research also revealed that a whopping 80% of us are self-confessed dunkers.

It turns out that ideally, the average biscuit should absorb 20% of its original weight in liquid for the optimal dunk.

Robert Craggs, Lead Product Development Chef at McVitie’s, said: “Dunking a biscuit is an art form – it’s a delicate balance to preserve the integrity of the biscuit whilst also enhancing the taste with your drink of choice. Here at McVitie’s we’re proud to play a big part in the simple pleasure that is dunking a biscuit, no matter how you choose to do it.”

Biscuit blunders begone!

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