McDonalds burger takes centre stage in Orchestra line-up

By on Tuesday, January 16, 2024

McDonalds Sweden are hitting all the right notes in their latest ad where they’ve revealed that the McCrispy is finally coming to Swedish restaurants.

McDonalds Sweden, with the help of creative agency NORD DDB, let Swedes know of the McCrispy’s arrival to their menus by heroing its most iconic feature. The crunch.

Enter Peter Nordahl.

In the video, renowned Swedish conductor, Peter Nordahl, leads a full classical orchestra through the ultimate musical ode to the McCrispy, aptly named ‘The Crunch’. The piece comes to an exciting head with a musical bite of the burger.

Susanne Rydjer, brand manager at McDonald’s Sweden says “McCrispy is an extra crispy burger that we hope will become a new favourite among many of our guests. Therefore, it felt right to put this soon-to-be classic, and the sound that it makes when you bite into it, in something as classic as a symphony orchestra”.

Well said Susanne!

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