IKEA’s 2030 vision for home life

By on Monday, January 15, 2024

IKEA has used AI-generated art to give us a glimpse into 2030 living with homes powered by algae and 3D-printed mushroom furniture. The Swedish home furnishing giant introduced innovative concepts of future home living spaces which address the ‘eight essential needs’ of life, envision climate-regulating pods in Seoul, resilient communities in the US and inclusive spaces in Sweden, all underpinned by sustainable living.

This is all part of IKEA’s 10th annual Life at Home Report, which delves into the secrets of happy homes globally, identifying eight essential needs for a better life – control, comfort, security, nurturing, belonging, enjoyment, accomplishment, and aspirations. The report, based on a decade of research with over 250,000 participants, revealed that 65% of individuals with fulfilled all eight essential needs fulfilled have a positive outlook on their life.

The study also provided insights into current home happiness factors. Notably, owning pets boosts happiness significantly as well as maintaining a well-organised living space. Sustainability stands out as another crucial element – individuals who adopt eco-conscious practices generally report feeling more optimistic about their home life.

To bring the research to life, IKEA has used AI to envisage 2023 home living through three distinct personas—Jin, Angela, and Jamie—representing Seoul, the US, and Sweden.

Jin in Seoul adapts to climate change with temperature-regulating living pods.

Angela lives in a women-only resilient community in the US, surrounded by beautiful algae wallpaper that doubles as an electricity powerhouse.

Lastly, Jamie in Sweden adorns their inclusive home with self-crafted 3D-printed mushroom furniture.

IKEA’s commitment to making life at home better is reflected in their report, offering insights that go beyond furniture and emphasises the importance of emotional fulfilment and sustainability in future living.

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