Ogilvy Health UK and Nabs Reveal the long-lasting effects of micro-aggression.

By on Thursday, October 26, 2023

In collaboration with the advertising and media support group Nabs, Ogilvy Health UK has produced “Throwaway Comments,” a thorough compilation of real-life accounts of workplace microaggressions. In the UK, 50% of employees from these groups say they encounter them frequently. 

An increasing number of studies show that persons who are subjected to this hidden discrimination suffer clear, long-lasting harm to their health and welfare. Increased rates of depression, stress, anxiety, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes are brought on by the effects of microaggressions.  

The book aims to foster empathy and awareness of the concerns, which are essential for building more inclusive workplaces. A group of illustrators from the communities most likely to experience microaggressions have painstakingly selected and brought to life 35 anonymized stories. The posters, which are made of tearproof paper, are coiled into tight balls, and unfold to reveal the long-lasting effects of careless remarks. 

Caroline Howe, CEO at Ogilvy Health said: “Microaggressions are insidious across every industry. They eat away at self-esteem and confidence… By communicating the impact of microaggressions in a compelling and innovative way, we hope to stoke debate and challenge this behaviour.” 


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