Taco Bell’s Triumphant Tuesday

By on Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Taco Bell has won the ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademarking war and is celebrating the only way they know how… free tacos (duh).

‘Taco Tuesday’ has been a commonly used phrase for years, so much so that it is now a staple in our everyday, or at least our once-a-weekly, terminology.

But the popular phrase is trademarked by one taco chain in particular, Taco Johns, who have held the tasty trademark for over three decades in 49 states (with a separate restaurant, Gregory’s, trademarking the phrase in New Jersey).

Back in May, Taco Bell decided they had had enough and began a public campaign, protesting the trademark and demanding that ‘Taco Tuesday’ be free to use by “all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos.”

To celebrate their recent win, the taco tyrants (in collaboration with DoorDash), have started a $5 million taco tab. The tab will cover any and all orders from participating vendors selling tacos, both soft and hard shell, to spotlight and celebrate local and small businesses. New Jersey will, sadly, have to hold out a bit before they can taste crunchy Taco Tuesday victory (sorry!)

On top of all of this, both Taco Johns and Taco Bell have each donated $40,000 to the ‘Children of Restaurant Employees’ charity which aims to provide financial help and relief to hospitality workers through life altering crises.

Will you be celebrating with Tacos this Tuesday?

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