Coca-Cola’s game-changing pitch for women in football

By on Monday, August 21, 2023

As the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup was approaching its thrilling finale, which was one of the most significant women’s sports event to date, Coca-Cola launched an initiative that built on the legacy of the tournament and celebrated the evolving narrative in relation to women’s football.

Across football grounds in both Australia and New Zealand, the famous beverage company has brought to life and displayed six impactful messages, representing the progress being made within the sport industry. The statements traced onto the pitch confront common misconceptions and negative commentary about women in football still prevalent in today’s online discussions and contrasts it with the empowering, positive truths of the game.

On these football pitches, two messages spotlight the journeys of Team Coca-Cola players Ellie Carpenter and Katie Bowen, with Ellie depicting the huge challenges she faced to reach sporting success and Katie emphasising the power of ‘believing in magic’ as she celebrates her fourth FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance.

Other messages highlight the surge in women’s football participation, the game’s rapid expansion, the inspiring role models produced, and the tournament’s record-breaking viewership. A visually striking video, captured by drones, showcases the development of the campaign using state-of-the-art technology:

Kate Miller, marketing director at Coca-Cola Australia says, “Coca-Cola has been supporting the FIFA Women’s World Cup since the inaugural tournament in 1991 and we are really proud to celebrate the success of this year’s tournament, which is not only breaking records but is also breaking down long-held beliefs in society about women in sports.”

This campaign not only captures the essence of progress in women’s football but also stands as a monumental testament to the stories, strides and spirit of every woman who dares to change the game.

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