Fast fashion is out of fashion!

By on Thursday, August 17, 2023

Fast fashion is out of fashion!

Revving up our sustainability engines is Lydia Bolton, a slow fashion designer who has collaborated with Lime bike to bring us a refreshing take on the usual lycra laden Lime bikers.

This project comes off the back of a survey and attempts to solve an issue experienced by 9/10 adults. That issue being the avoidance of cycling due to what clothing they are wearing. The survey all revealed that half of them wished there were more high-fashion cycle-friendly clothing options.

For this campaign Lydia Bolton has up-cycled old tents and jackets to form a fashionable multifunction range with a colour scheme that pair seamlessly a Lime Bike creating a lovely ensemble.

One stand out piece, if you fancy a jacket gear shift, can be unzipped to detach the bottom half. This portion can be folded into a compact little bag which attaches to the jacket.

The piece will be auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds going to Friends of the Earth, going live on August 25th.

agency: words and pixels

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