This charity is using ice to tug at heartstrings

By on Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The successful 7 year long partnership between BBDO and Shanghai Pilot Health Promotion Centre has once again brought forth a thought-provoking campaign. This time to combat cancer through alcohol consumption deterrence.

This graphic campaign features striking visuals of ice cubes shaped into various organs immersed in a pool of alcohol. As the liquid level rises, the frozen organs begin to melt and eventually submerge beneath the waves of alcohol, symbolising their fragility to high consumption. The juxtaposition of the attractive glass, alluring lighting and extravagant ice cubes might initially lead the viewer to mistake this for a great whiskey advert. However, a profound contrast emerges when this imagery faces the urgent warning that ‘if your daily intake exceeds 60-100g, you’re significantly more likely to get liver cancer.’


This comes as a testament of China’s desire to improve the overall health of the nation and to encourage an introspective reflection on one’s alcohol consumption for the betterment of the population’s health.

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