Heinz unveils global rebrand celebrating fans’ irresistible obsession

By on Friday, June 2, 2023

Heinz has made history with its first-ever unified global rebrand and marketing platform, spotlighting the “irrational love” fans have for the brand’s condiments and offerings.

According to the company, the creative campaign will showcase the unmatched fervour generations of foodies have when it comes to Heinz—and how everything from its iconic Ketchup to Beanz “has to be Heinz.”

Just how crazy can one get about a grocery store staple? Plenty, it seems, with fan stories demonstrating how individuals across the world have gotten Heinz tattoos, carried condiment packets in their purses, or even tried to smuggle tins of Beanz through airport security.

“As we looked to unify the brand under one global brand platform, we dove into the world of our consumers and found that they all shared one thing: the irrational lengths they go to for Heinz products,” said Chief Growth Officer Diana Frost.

“As a brand obsessed with our consumers, we created ‘It has to be Heinz’ as our love song back to them, our fans are our muses,” she added.

The brand hopes its new look, created in collaboration with creative agency Wieden+Kennedy, will show customers that the feeling is mutual, with the company being as enthusiastic as its fans in the pursuit of creating the best products.

“This irrational love is also driving a larger transformation at Kraft Heinz, where we’re moving at the speed of culture to surprise and delight our consumers with insight-led innovations and authentic brand experiences,” explained Chief Growth Officer Cristina Kenz.

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