Ann Summer reveals new campaign ‘Remove Fear from the Smear’ to destigmatise smear tests

By on Monday, June 26, 2023

Popular lingerie and sex toy brand, Ann Summers, has joined forces with creative marketing agency RAPP UK to launch a campaign aimed at tackling the stigma around cervical smear tests and emphasizing the importance of women attending these screenings for their health.

The campaign, aptly titled “Remove Fear from the Smear,” seeks to address the anxiety commonly associated with cervical screenings. At first glance it appears Ann Summers are releasing a new compact and revolutionary sex toy, but in reality, it’s a speculum—the instrument used during cervical smear tests.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers for women under 25, with about 3,000 diagnosed each year in the UK. This year, NHS figures revealed that the number of women missing their cervical screening tests is at its highest level in a decade, despite the cervical screening programme’s proven effectiveness in preventing 70% of cervical cancer deaths.

The campaign’s teaser initially leads customers and followers to believe that a new sex toy is being launched, but a powerful reveal follows, educating the audience that the innovative “toy” is actually a speculum—The Life-Saving One.

Launched on June 19th to coincide with National Cervical Screening Week, this integrated campaign unfolds across both online platforms and social media. Moreover, Ann Summers stores feature eye-catching pink speculums, accompanied by signage displaying crucial statistics about cervical screening. The campaign is fronted by celebrity doctor, Dr. Frankie and influencer, Sarah Jayne Dunn, who will share compelling content on Instagram to amplify the campaign’s message and garner further support.

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