Sports Direct direct you to the future of feet and footwear

By on Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Sports Direct are looking ahead as they work with applied futurist Tom Cheesewright, to reveal what trainers will be like as our feet adapt over time.

As of now, it’s all about being on trend with the latest Nike, Adidas or Puma trainers but in 100 years it could be about self-cleaning shoes or trainers that keep you balanced at all times.  Research discovered the first difference about our feet will be the sole of your foot as they will be softer due to humans spending less time on their bare feet and spending more time airborne. It is also predicted we will have longer toes than before, which will boost our performance during physical activity. Despite longer toes, humans may become smaller because of diet and environmental changes, so the average shoe size is projected to become on average two sizes smaller. Similarly, due to climate change our feet will have to be able to adapt to extra hot and extra cold conditions, therefore as will trainers.

Now that Sports Direct have a better understanding of the future of feet, they also predicted the future of footwear. The idea of colour changing trainers that you can control from your phone has been ideated. Whilst the possibility of pressure sensors in the soles which prevents you from falling over is said to be a new option in the future. One of the most practical revelations is the trainer that can self-wash itself. VR is said to be entering the footwear industry as VR could be available in the sole of your shoe to transform shape and texture to match where the gamer is during an immersive experience.

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