Dove’s new pop up campaign tackles ‘baby botox’

By on Thursday, April 6, 2023

What is being labelled ‘baby botox’ or ‘preventative botox’ has been on a steep rise since 2020. Dove aims to address this with their new campaign in Toronto mall, which includes thousands of medical grade needles which are often used in such procedures. When seen from a distance, the needles show an alarming statistic:

Dove are known for their ethical marketing which promotes natural beauty and confidence in one’s own skin, such as their #NoLikesNeeded campaign. This project found that in the UK, the average girl takes 12 minutes to prepare for a single selfie, and spends 84 minutes a week getting ready for selfies. Also, the number of girls who say social networks make them feel worse about their appearance doubles between the age of 13yrs to 18yrs – 30% agree at 13yrs, vs 60% at 18yrs.

Dove’s latest campaign against injectables for teens reflects these same brand values in a creative and startling way. 

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